Silver Crafts Museum



The Museum of Silver Crafts is situated in the western bastion of the “Its Kale” castle in Ioannina. The two levels of the bastion house the exhibition, and the supporting facilities occupy the old cook room (700 m2 in total). In the ground floor the exhibition refers to the technology and the history of Silver Crafts in the region of Hepiros. A collection of silver objects is exhibited on the upper floor. Τhe epilogue refers to the contemporary production in Ioannina. Τhe educational facilities and a small office space are also situated on the upper floor. On the ground floor in a separate sector of 110 m2 is a multi-purpose hall designed to host lectures, events or temporary exhibitions, a shop and a cafe.



Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
Y. Kizis & Associates
project team
Y. Kizis, M. Raftopoulou, L. Polyzogopoulou, Y. Pantazis