Project list

1981 - 2021
year name type location status
2022 House in Palio Faliro Residential Athens Completed
2021 Museum for the Argo Cultural Volos Bidding stage
2021 ERT Headquarters Refurbishment Retail Agia Paraskeui, Athens In process
2021 Park and City Square Civic Nicosia, Cyprus Under construction
2021 Apartment in Athens Residential Athens Under construction
2021 Three Houses in Thrakomakedones Residential Thrakomakedones Under construction
2021 Vathi Conference Centre Cultural, Restorations Samos Built
2021 University Facilities in Historic Tanneries. Samos, Greece. Cultural, Educational Samos, Greece Unrealised
2021 Cyprus University, Student Housing Educational Nicosia, Cyprus Unrealised
2020 Pinewood School, Anatolia Civic, Educational Thessaloniki Unrealised
2020 Sparta City Refurbishment Civic Sparta In process
2020 PAPASTRATOS café – exhibition Retail Athens In process
2019 Nursery Building Civic, Educational, Educational Piraeus Unrealised
2019 Conference Hall, Bank of Greece Civic Athens Under construction
2019 Small open air theatre in Vyzitsa Cultural Pelion Built
2018 New archeological museum of Sparta (I) Cultural Sparta Unrealised
2018 New archeological museum of Sparta (II) Cultural Sparta Unrealised
2018 Residence building at Filopappou Residential Athens Built
2018 Benaki Museum of Toys Cultural Athens Built
2018 Aghia Kyriaki in Naxos Restorations Naxos Built
2017 Hill Memorial School Civic, Cultural, Educational, Educational Plaka, Athens Built
2017 New Cyprus Museum Cultural Cyprus Unrealised
2016 Chios Mastic Museum Cultural Chios Built
2016 Municipal market in Chalkida Civic, Retail Chalkida Unrealised
2016 Silver Crafts Museum Cultural, Restorations Ioannina Built
2016 Bank of Greece Museum Cultural, Retail Athens In process
2015 Thematic Αrcheological Μuseum Cultural Pireaus Unrealised
2015 Medical School Building Civic, Educational, Educational Nicosia, Cyprus Unrealised
2015 Sparta Xenia Refurbishment Civic Sparta Bidding stage
2015 House in Syros Residential Syros Built
2015 House in Sparta Residential Sparta Unrealised
2015 House in Psychico Residential Psychico Unrealised
2014 Ottoman Athens Museum Cultural, Restorations Athens Built
2014 ΟΤΕ building refurbishment Civic Athens Unrealised
2013 Entrance to the Glentleiten museum Cultural Großweil, Bavaria Unrealised
2013 Residence at Meleagrou St Residential, Restorations Athens Built
2012 Underwater Archaeology Museum Cultural, Restorations Piraeus Unrealised
2012 Biology Department Building Civic, Educational, Educational Athalassa, Cyprus Unrealised
2012 Cooperative Bank Headquarters Civic Nicosia, Cyprus Unrealised
2012 Tsikrikis Mansion Restorations Volos Built
2011 Spinalonga Museum Cultural Plaka Ag. Nikolaos Crete Unrealised
2011 Hotel in Athens Old Town Residential, Restorations Athens Unrealised
2011 Nursery Building Civic, Educational Nea Smyrni, Athens Unrealised
2011 Agricultural Bank of Greece Headquarters Civic, Retail Athens Unrealised
2010 Open-air Water-power Museum Cultural Dimitsana Built
2010 Tannery Museum Cultural, Restorations Karlovassi, Samos Built
2010 Wave Mall Retail Chania Unrealised
2010 Corfu Municipal Theatre Civic, Cultural Corfu Unrealised
2010 Western Arsenals Refurbishment in Heracleion Civic, Cultural, Restorations Heracleion Crete Unrealised
2010 Porfyrias School Cultural, Educational, Restorations Samos Built
2010 Residence Building in Kallithea Residential Volos Built
2009 Two Houses in Volos Residential Volos Under construction
2009 House in South of Athens Residential Athens Unrealised
2009 Office Building in Old Tobacco Factory Civic, Restorations, Retail Volos Unrealised
2009 Milos Mining Museum Cultural Milos Unrealised
2009 Caravan Serai Refurbishment Civic, Restorations Thessaloniki Unrealised
2008 Apartment Block in Metaxourgeion Residential Athens Built
2008 Typography Museum Cultural Corfu Unrealised
2008 Eastern Arsenals Refurbishment in Heracleion Civic, Cultural, Restorations Heracleion Crete Unrealised
2008 Painter Spyropoulos Museum Cultural, Restorations Athens Unrealised
2008 Alex Mylonas Sculpture Exhibition Cultural Tinos Built
2008 Ar. Zahos Photography Exhibition Cultural PBGCF Museums & Istanbul Built
2008 Hagia Moni Restoration Cultural, Restorations Nafplio Built
2008 House in Naxos Residential Naxos Built
2007 Imaret hotel Residential, Restorations, Retail Kavala Built
2007 Housing Development in Kardia Civic, Residential Thessaloniki Unrealised
2007 Residence at Lycabettus Hill Residential Athens Built
2007 Vacation Houses in Vyzitsa Residential Pelion Unrealised
2007 Bank of Trikala Headquarters Retail Trikala Unrealised
2007 Two flats in Lykabettus Residential Athens Built
2007 Hellenic Postbank Retail Athens, Piraeus, Thessalomiki, Rhodes Unrealised
2006 Trikala Courthouse Civic Trikala Built
2006 Office building Retail Athens Unrealised
2006 Forest History Museum Cultural, Restorations Chrysovitsi Arkadia Built
2006 Piraeus Bank Headquarters Retail Athens Built
2006 Housing Development Civic, Residential Chania Unrealised
2005 Brick and Tile Museum Cultural Volos Built
2005 Residence Building at Tsoha St Residential Athens Built
2005 Pedestrianization of Voukourastiou St Civic Athens Built
2005 House in Psychiko Residential Athens Built
2005 Cosmopolis Mall Civic, Retail Komotini Built
2004 Spyromilios Arcade Refurbishment Civic Athens Built
2004 Pallas Theatre, Aliki Theatre Cultural Athens Built
2004 Three Houses in Vyzitsa Residential, Restorations Pelion Built
2004 Manos Hadjidakis Mansion Cultural, Restorations Xanthi Unrealised
2004 Silk Crafts Museum Cultural, Restorations Soufli Built
2004 Zatouna Hotel Restorations, Retail Zatouna Arkadia Built
2004 Restoration of Ursulines School Cultural, Educational, Restorations Naxos Built
2003 Ticket Office and Shop at Delos Retail Delos Island Built
2003 Kalambaka Technical School Educational, Educational Kalambaka Unrealised
2003 Residence at the Roman Forum of Athens Residential, Restorations Athens Built
2003 Chania Bank Headquarters Retail Chania Unrealised
2003 Hermoupolis Industrial Museum Cultural Syros Built
2003 Residence Building in Amaroussion I Residential Athens Built
2003 Residence Building in Amaroussion II Residential Athens Built
2003 Residence Building in Chalkida Residential Chalkida Built
2002 Residence Building in Psychiko Residential Athens Built
2002 Office Building in Makryyanni Retail Athens Built
2002 Housing Development in Ano Liosia Residential Athens Built
2002 Office Building in Nea Ionia Retail Athens Built
2001 Benaki Museum Piraeus St Cultural Piraeus St, Athens Unrealised
2001 Hostel over Archaeological Site Retail Rhodes Unrealised
2001 House in Aghios Georgios Residential Pelion Unrealised
2001 House at Methana Residential Methana Built
2001 Epano Skala Archaeological Site Cultural Mytilene Unrealised
2000 Hotel in the Medieval Town of Rhodes Civic, Retail Rhodes Unrealised
2000 Neoclassical Building Refurbishment Restorations Athens Unrealised
2000 Residence on Ermou St Residential, Restorations Athens Built
2000 Casino at Lazareta, Syros Isl Retail Syros Unrealised
1999 Centre for Mediterranean Architecture Cultural, Restorations Chania Built
1999 Church in Leontari Cultural Leontari Arkadia Built
1999 Church in Logkanikos Cultural Logkanikos Laconia Unrealised
1999 Residence Building in Chania Residential Chania Built
1999 House in Plaka Residential Athens Built
1999 Tower in Pityos Restorations Chios Built
1999 Bread Museum Cultural Unrealised
1999 House in Mystras Residential, Restorations Mystras Built
1998 Balthazar Restaurant Restorations, Retail Athens Built
1998 Vigles Tower Complex Restorations Chios Built
1998 Office Building in Plaka Retail Athens Built
1998 Retail Building at Ermou St Retail Athens Built
1998 Old Athens Stockmarket Restorations, Retail Athens Built
1997 Naxos Highschool Educational Naxos Built
1997 Museum at Vatopedi Monastery Cultural Mount Athos Unrealised
1995 Historic NTUA Rectorate Building Cultural, Educational, Restorations Athens Built
1995 Kazoulis Mansion Restorations Athens Unrealised
1995 Steel Products Factory Retail Eleusina Unrealised
1994 Thebes Wine Museum Cultural Thebes Attiki Unrealised
1994 Olympion Cinema Hall Cultural, Retail Drama Built
1994 Pelion Historic Train Stations Restorations Pelion Built
1994 Charcuterrie Factory Retail Ag. Stefanos, Attiki Built
1993 House in Samothraki Residential Samothraki Unrealised
1993 Church Restoration in Vyzitsa Restorations Pelion Built
1993 Wendy’s Restaurants Retail Athens, Kifisia, Fok. Negri, Larisa Built
1993 House and Office in Plaka Residential, Retail Athens Built
1992 Traditional Crafts Museum Cultural Arkadia Unrealised
1990 House in Sparta Residential Sparta Built
1990 Flat in Plaka Residential, Restorations Athens Built
1989 Bank Branch Retail Heraklion Built
1989 Tsikaliotis Mansion Restoration Cultural, Restorations Leonidio Arkadia Built
1989 Olympia Conference Centre Cultural Olympia Unrealised
1988 Hostel in Vyzitsa Retail Pelion Built
1987 House in Kifisia Residential Athens Built
1986 Mt Ismaros development Civic Maroneia Rodopi Built
1986 St Denis Athens Cathedral Restoration Restorations Athens Built