The Studio

Staffed by experienced colleagues, the studio guarantees both the creative approach in each architectural project it undertakes, as well as the exhaustive study so that the project is granted permit promptly and constructed perfectly.

By study and experimentation, we respond to the particular stimuli of the site, the client’s purpose and the user’s needs.

What does a contemporary way of living mean? How does one experience public space in the city? How does the visitor participate in a museum experience? How does one operate in a contemporary work environment? These questions are at the heart of our reflection on architecture, which surrounds our lives and defines our experience in space and time. And that’s why it has to be good!


  • 1981
  • 1993
  • 1999
  • 2006
  • 2019


Staffed by experienced collaborators, the office guarantees both the creative approach of each architectural project it undertakes, as well as the exhaustive study so that the project is constructed in the most perfect way.
Costadis Kizis
Yannis Kizis
Spyros Kizis
Director - interior design
Marina Raftopoulou
Senior Architect
Yorgos Pantazis
Senior Architect
Eleni Kosmidou
Admin Support
Aris Raptis
Nicolas Mantelos
Giorgos Farazis
Yoana Kalomenska
Ioanna Boulougari
Interior Designer
Christine Ullorja
Junior Designer


competition award
Open European Architectural Competition, 2014 1st prizeMuseum for the Argo
Open European Architectural Competition, 2012 1st prizePark and City Square in Nicosia
Panhellenic architectural competition, 1998 1st prizeTrikala Courthouse
Architectural competition by invitation, 2011 2nd prizeWave Mall
Panhellenic architectural competition, 2007 2nd prizeEastern Arsenals Refurbishment in Heracleion
Open European Architectural Competition, 2017 3rd prizeMunicipal market in Chalkida
International Architectural Competition, 2012 3rd prizeUnderwater Archaeology Museum
Architectural competition by invitation, 2008 3rd prizeBank of Trikala Headquarters
International Architectural Competition, 2017 6th prizeNew Cyprus Museum