Housing Development in Kardia



4th distinction in Architectural Competition

The proposal has as its objective a suburban ekistic landscape with the urban conveniences  and the quality of a countryside environment. The gully determines the axis of the composition and ensures an open horizon and a distant view of the sea. It defines the micro-climate of the area as a ‘lung’ and can mutate into a social area of the ekistic whole by a dynamic penetration of the greenery in all the public and private spaces.  It divides the ekistic whole into two discrete neighbourhoods, the one facing the other, as though mirrored on the opposite banks.
The whole is completed by a network of streets and footpaths, which mutate into walks to the sitting-areas and belvederes in common use on the slopes of the gully. Metal constructions of a unified aesthetic (pergolas, sitting-areas, lighting, and urban facilities) inscribe emblematically the osmosis between the man-made and the natural environment.
The chief concern of the architecture of all the types of residence has been the elaboration of the boundaries: the transition from the public space to the private by means of graduated filters to protect private life, and, conversely, the opening up of the home towards the community. The units are set out in a row, but also forming atria between. 
The stepped layouts of the units ensure an uninterrupted view from each residence.



ANTHEMIAS S.A. - DOMES International Arctitectural Survey
Y. Kizis, K. Adamakis
project team
Y. Kizis, K. Adamakis, N. Venianakis, T. Dougas, K. Politi, E. Mpoumpari, V. Mavratzas, K. Sarantis
civil engineer
F. Halivdopoulos, N. Hatzinikolaou
mechanical eng.
Ch. Zombolas, A. Tsagrasoulis