ERT Headquarters Refurbishment




The present architectural study aims at the overall upgrade of the entire ERT complex in Agia Paraskevi. The study was guided by ERT’s new organization chart; however, this was not the only criterion for the architectural and operational choices. Our main concern as architects was to suggest the necessary “gestures” so that the existing building complex can become functional and pleasant in the long run, so that unfortunate interventions can be avoided in the future.

The vision of an upgraded architectural environment for ERT employees, worthy of the quality of information and culture they produce every day, needs some radical changes to be achieved. The aim of this study is to become the “road map” for its gradual implementation in the long run, so that, after the preparation of implementation studies for individual parts of the project and the correct implementation of our proposals, in a few years from today ERT to acquire a fully upgraded environment that can meet the needs of the organization for another fifty years.



Y. Kizis, C. Kizis
Associate Architects
A. Raptis, K. Tsaroucha
T. Galliakis