Cooperative Bank Headquarters



Participation in architectural competition

The listed building, designed by the famous architect Anastasios Metaxas was built around 1930. Five years later, Metaxas probably modified his building by adding two extra floors and redesigning the facades.
The design aims to provide large, uniform and flexible space, in order to accommodate office and retail functions set by the changing spatial conditions in Athens and the development of commercial activities combined with the increasing values of land, in the city centre.
The original structure is maintained, repaired and reinforced.
Existing staircases are maintained and vertical circulation is facilitated by three new lifts. A new slot is introduced throughout the building to host escalators. The slot ends at the roof, forming an impressive skylight.
External interventions consist of the restoration of the original facades and the improvement of the surrounding public urban space.



Cooperative Central Bank ltd.
Yannis Kizis & Associates, Grigoris Patsalosavvis
project team
Y. Kizis, Κ. Kizis, T. Dougas, G. Patsalosavvis, M. Raftopoulou