Chios Mastic Museum

2007 - 2016



The Museum complex consists of two basic building units, which are laid out on three levels. The first houses the functions of the ticket office and shop, of the canteen, the multi-purpose hall, and the educational programmes, while the second contains the Museum’s exhibition areas. The ancillary functions of the Museum are housed in the basement of the building. The functional linkage of the Museum’s individual units is ensured by means of a semi-open-air circulation network for visitors and underground closed corridors for employees. Two wooden shelters have been designed, orientated absolutely in a South-North direction, with a slight inclination towards the South.
The shelters are the new boundary of the fenced mastic orchard, the ‘gate’ through which one must pass in order to wander on this farm. They serve as ‘eyes’ which open towards the horizon and frame the unique view which stretches from the sea (in the west) to Pyrgi (in the east).
The wooden shelters are laid out on a gentle slope opposed to the natural slope of the site. On its southern wall the bearers start out from ground level, while in their northern section they have attained sufficient height to house the building’s functions.



Architectural and Museographic design
KIZIS STUDIO SA Architecture and Design
Project architects
Yannis Kizis, Costandis Kizis
Architectural design collaborators
N. Venianakis, E. Kouskouti, G. Pantazis, N. Soulis
Museographic design collaborators
L. Polyzogopoulou, Ph. Petroulia, M. Tarrida, STAGE DESIGN OFFICE LTD
Construction design collaborators
M. Raftopoulou, Th. Dougkas, K. Politi
Yagkos Yaxoglou
Structural design
Ypsilon Engineers LP - I. Tsopanakis and partners
Electric/mechanic engineering
P. - I. Zannis and partners LTD
Special lighting (permanent exhibition)
Aris Tsagkrasoulis
Piraeus Group Cultural Institution (PIOP)
General Supervision
Sofia Staikou
Management and coordination
Aspasia Louvi (2006-2013)
Curatorial brief and exhibition execution
PIOP curatorial department (Elia Vlahou, Anna Kallinikidou)
Coordination of scientific research and documentation
Eleni Beneki
Research management
D. Tsouhlis
Special Consultant
M. Vournous
Installation of historical mechanic equipment
A. Plytas
Curatorial applications
Multimedia and audio-visual applications
General contractor
Castor SA
S. & S. Antoniou, G. Moustridis, K. Kapetanos
Technical Services of Piraeus Bank
Surveillance consultant
Yannis Kizis, M+B Architects K. Manoliadi and M. Vournous