Forest History Museum



The object of the study is the Forest Museum of Mainalo in Chrysovitsi, Arcadia. The new museum will be housed in an existing stone building (former factory-sawmill) of 1939.
The existing building is in relatively good condition. Therefore, only the necessary works are proposed so that it can safely accommodate the new use, without altering the atmosphere of the space with the obvious construction of the roof. The existing building will be the main exhibition space of the Museum, maintaining its factory character unchanged, forming a “museum of itself”. The premises of the Engine Room – Locomotive and the Grinder will remain accessible from the public participating in the course of the exhibition.
Outside the building, an addition is being built that houses the museum’s ticket offices and shop, an entrance section of the exhibition as well as a new staircase leading to the auxiliary spaces of the basement. This new intervention, the new element that comes in contact almost with the old building, is intended to mark the entrance to the museum and to guide the visitor on the path of the exhibition. It is made of wood solder and covered with titanium zinc sheet.



Municipality of Falanthos
project team
Y. Kizis, K. Politi, N. Venianakis, M. Raftopoulou
museological study
E. Tsakanika, A. Plytas