Pedestrianization of Voukourastiou St



Between Panepistimiou and Stadiou str

The design involves the modelling of Voukourestiou St as a pedestrian precinct. The street is treated as a ‘square’, private vehicle access within it being prohibited. The whole of the width of the street is treated as a single surface, which is paved with blocks and grey granite. Four individual areas of a differing character can be picked out: near Stadiou St, an open-air sitting-area with wooden benches and perimeter rows of oleanders has been laid out. The peaceful atmosphere of the sitting-area is complemented with a fountain, which on the Stadiou St front is protected from sound and visual annoyances by a wall of water from fountains. At the end of the Spyromiliou Arcade, the existing paving is extended with floor lighting, in order to achieve the unification of the public passages and to stress the junction with the two facing arcades, of a commercial character. A sitting area is created in front of the old Zonar’s with a horizontal raised floor, next to the existing row of plane trees. In parallel with the line defined by the trees, a linear surface of water similar to that of Stadiou St is constructed. The protection from the sun provided by the plane trees, in conjunction with the micro-climate created by the flow of the water, offers a particularly pleasant spot in the centre of the city.



project team
Y. Kizis, N. Venianakis, K. Politi
M. Rossier