Spyromilios Arcade Refurbishment

2004, Athens



The Spyromilios Arcade constitutes the public open-air space of the Army Share Fund Building, since it is at the centre of the building block, dividing the group of buildings on Panepistimiou St and those on Stadiou St.
It plays an important role in the public traffic of the city, since the various shops which have always been hosted on its ground floor of the buildings on either side of it are a pole of attraction for the public.
The new interventions, which have as their purpose the recovery of the atmosphere of the inter-War years, are marked by a contemporary architectural style which makes them stand out from the scheduled building complex. They can be divided into the following basic units: protection of the Spyromilios Arcade from rain, without losing its natural ventilation and lighting, by the construction of a new roof, restoration of the scheduled marquee, reconstruction of the floor of the Arcade, with lighting slits for the basement areas, remodelling of the elevations of the buildings surrounding the Arcade.
The whole of the surface of the Spyromilios Arcade is covered with a roof consisting of a metal bearer and suspended glass panels. The later fillings of the perimeter marquee have been removed, while its bearing structure has been conserved and reinforced in places. A new metal grid has been installed on its panels with lighting glass above this.
A new zig-zagging vent for the lighting of the basement areas has been constructed in the floor, and the existing cour-anglaises have been retained.
The inter-War windows of the shops have been reconstructed, the marble revetments and marble staircases have been conserved, while the plaster ceiling decoration has been replaced.



project team
Y. Kizis, N.Venianakis, M. Raftopoulou, S. Kouvopoulos, Th. Touissizoglou