Zatouna Hotel



Conversion of the Anifanti building into a hotel unit

The object of the study is the restoration and restructuring of the house of Anifantis and its outbuilding, as well as the configuration of the outdoor space, in order to function as a hotel.
The building is located in Zatouna of the Prefecture of Arcadia and was in a dilapidated condition with irreparable damage.
It is a typical example of a large house in mountainous Arcadia, with a square floor plan and a cubic volume (divitiko), covered with a four-pitched roof. The most spacious square house, which usually had a mezzanine, met and met the multiple needs of the prominent people of the area, in the middle of the 19th century, who housed in their homes and home-based activities, or trade. In its construction we find elements, typical of the houses of the time in the wider area, such as the wooden loggias, the carved stone doors, the arches and the inner dome on the ground floor, which are preserved.
In general, the original layout of the ground floor is maintained with the only change being the unification of the stairwell and dining area with the reception area. The floor is arranged properly, in order to create the bedrooms with the necessary auxiliary spaces. In the basement are placed the kitchen, the storage spaces, the common toilets and the space of the mechanical installations. Thus, it is possible to create spaces with total areas equal to those of the old building, approximately 690 m2, while the sizes and proportions of the spaces were designed in a way that refers to an authentic house of Gortynia.



Legacy of P. Lymperopoulos
Y. Kizis
Associate architect
V. Bertsatos, M. Raftopoulou, P. Kalteki, M. Patapatiou, N. Xanthos
Civil engineer
C. Karageorgios
Electromechanical installations
INSTA consultants engineers, C. Zompolas