Silk Crafts Museum



The Kourtidis mansion was built to meet the housing needs of the family and has all the architectural and constructional features typical  of traditional urban mansions. It consists of two buildings on the sides of an internal courtyard:  a small house at the east (early 19th c.) and a two-storey building at the west (early 20th c.)  that housed the household silk-industry.
The object of the study is the general conservation and restoration of the Kourtidis mansion and the creation of a suitable environment to house the exhibits of the silk museum without detracting from the original structure and character of the building. The rooms are to be redesigned to house an indoor ticket office, a shop, a small laboratory, a sitting room, new basement toilets, and a boiler-room. The entrance to the museum is to remain in its present position, while part of the semi-outdoor entrance area is to be closed off by glass panes and a glass display case, in order to create a small ticket office and shop.
Generally speaking, the plaster and pointing is to be repaired where necessary, local minor repairs are to be made to the wooden frames, all the steel elements are to be conserved, and the chimneys and roofs are to be repaired.
Finally, in the courtyard of the complex, new 
seating is to be made of reinforced concrete.



Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
Yannis Kizis
project team
Y.Kizis, M. Raftopoulou
civil engineer
Al. Vagenas
mech. engineer
Insta Simvouli Michaniki
mus. study
L. Katsanika-Stefanou