Entrance to the Glentleiten museum

2013, Großweil, DE



European Competition Participation

The entrance building defines the threshold of the museum by shaping the landscape with a simple gesture. Two parallel “cuts” form two distinctive zones with different qualities and functions. The southern zone is lifted by extending the hill to a green roof. From up there one has a panoramic view of the open-air museum, before entering through the building beneath. The northern zone, beside the road, is lowered to form a protected reception square, a gathering point with intense public function. The new entrance and recreation building is developed east, and the educational programmes are hosted in the existing “Starkerer” building at the northern front. In the main building a transparent curved screen allows a complete view to the interior, promoting the shop displays and directing the flow to the main destinations:  the museum and exhibitions visit, or to the restaurant and the beer brewery.



Yannis Kizis, Costandis Kizis, Thymis Dougkas, Aris Massouridis