Office building




The aim of the design is the preservation and restoration of the more basic features which have survived, such as the exterior elevations of the buildings on Stadiou St, and the restoration to 
its original form of the ground floor and the entablature. The addition of floors of offices and 
of an underground car park will re-integrate the property into the life of the city centre, by means 
of its new use.
The southern orientation of the offices renders necessary the construction of additional bioclimatic sunshade systems. On the elevation on Stadiou St (south-west) dense horizontal louvres of pre-oxidised copper are installed, while on the elevation on Amerikis St (south-east) there are vertical shades of bare prefabricated reinforced concrete.
The curtain wall on Stadiou St provides a 
calm background to the superstructure of the neo-Classical buildings, recessed at a considerable distance from their facades.The building converses with the new Bank of Greece building. It also makes reference to the neighbouring office buildings of the 1960s and 1970s, which shaped the landscape of the capital’s centre before the flood of glass curtain walls of recent years.
The proposed remodellings of the two scheduled neo-Classical buildings reinscribe the functional and architectural continuity of the building of the city on this point, opposite the Old Parliament and the Army Share Fund Building, two important architectural monuments of Athens.



project team
Y.Kizis, N. Venianakis