Residence at Lycabettus Hill



The listed house in Phokylidou St. stands on a sharp incline, on the slopes of Lycabettus hill. It is a detached residence, consisting of basement, first floor and second floor.

Summary :

  • The initial use has been preserved (residence).
  • The original design by D. Photiades is restored by the construction of features of the elevations not previously realised.
  • All the trees in the garden, which serves as an oasis in the centre of Athens and lends privacy, are retained.
  • The facilities are modernised (extension of garage or basements, construction of area for electrical and mechanical installations, addition of lifts).
  • Limited alterations are carried out in the existing interior.
  • The existing flat roof is extended, in order to create a living-area of a semi-open-air character. The masses of the building are then restored to the state in which the are shown in the original plans of D. Photiades (1933), which were never put into effect, and they are extended in the same spirit in contemporary architectural expression.
  • A small, shallow “pool” for physical exercise is constructed in the garden.


Ceccile Igglesis - Margellos
Y. Kizis
project team
Y. Kizis, T. Dougkas, M. Kohler
civ. engineer
Y. Tsopanakis
mech. engineer
Y. Papagrigorakis
Atelier J. Garcia
Arrikton Development, Rctech