Pallas Theatre, Aliki Theatre



The intention of the design is the restoration of these two scheduled examples of the architecture of the 1930s and their harmonisation with contemporary needs, the ultimate aim being that they should function again. The individual decorative and architectural features, the colours and the materials which assist in the recovery of the atmosphere of the period, as that is marked by the areas ornamented with Art Deco motifs, have been conserved. The highlighting of the authentic scheduled features has been achieved through the contrasting incorporation of certain new architectural features.

The two theatres, the first “successive halls of spectacle”, were constructed to the plans of Vasileios Kassandras and Leonidas Bonis, who won the Panhellenic Architectural Competition in 1926.

The most typical architectural feature of the Pallas cinema/theatre is its ceiling, which has been reconstructed.

This is a stepped false ceiling made up of four horizontal levels and three lateral paraboloid surfaces which terminate in undulating curves.

Before and after performances and in the intervals, the fibres remain turned on. When they are turned off, because of their colour and their density, they give the impression of a solid surface. Α special effort has been made  to integrate successfully into the new construction the necessary modern sound and lighting systems without impairment of the space.



project team
Y. Kizis, Y. Papayannakis, N. Venianakis, D. Felouris, M. Stai