Three Houses in Vyzitsa




“Tsardinis” mansion 1977-1985
“Rakias” house July 1995

New house 2004

The group of residences consists of three free-standing buildings, constructed at different periods. The traditional Tsardinis mansion, built in the Pelion style in 1779, the single-space ‘Rakias’ ‘auxiliary house’ (1956) and a new house (2004). The first part of the study concerns the restoration of the mansion, the restoration and conversion into a hostel of the “paraspitos” and the second the construction of a new house that meets the requirements of the modern way of life.
The mansion was restored in a complete and precise conservation of the original typology and structure.
The “earthquake-safe” auxiliary house, was modified in a way that reminds the typical single-space house of South Pelion. The newly built building fits harmoniously into the traditional environment of Vyzitsa. The “new” in this case does not imitate the old. It borrows elements from the traditional typology and materials of the place, enriching them with new data. For example, mixed masonry (stone – concrete – brick) is used to ensure the rigidity and seismicity of the building. The floor was made of a wooden frame of composite wood, as a modern display of the traditional wood constructions of the area. The new house is composed of pure geometric shapes, rewrites the traditional forms and proposes new elements with respect to the scale, the size and the colors of the traditional settlement.



client - construction
Yannis Kizis