Piraeus Bank Headquarters



The purpose of the transparency of the reception area for visitors and staff in the Piraeus Bank was the promotion of the principal investor in the project of the utilisation of the Building, as well as the registering of a benchmark with the public. The replacement and functional adaptation of the old marble main entrance with the forged outer doors, which formerly led to an enclosed corridor going up to the offices in the superstructure, now leads to a large open-space, surrounded by glass windows.
A central parameter in the design of the space was the emblematic exhibiting of a large bronze sculpture of the Abduction of Europa by Fernando Botero. The modelling of the space around the sculpture, which determines the organisation of movement – the ramp on its right, curving steps on its left, which match the circular shape of the pedestal, the background formed by strips of red marble, the bronze revetments of the supports, and the minimalist furnishing of the reception area – make up a setting with a strong personality which stresses the dynamism of the Bank, but also its qualitative options – something with which the visitor will become acquainted when he goes to the upper floors, where the presence of the works of art plays a principal role in the shaping of the environment
of the workplaces.


project team
Y. Kizis, T. Dougkas
Fernado Botero