Imaret hotel



The study is devoted to the conversion of the monumental complex of the foundations of Mohamed Ali (the Imaret, the House of Mehmet Ali and the garden) into a hotel unit.

The proposed interventions have the following objectives:

– the rescue of the monument, with the main principles of the conversion being the human presence and the continuing use of the complex as a functionally viable unit. 

– the handing over of the monument to the public for a variety of individual uses and activities.

– the engagement of the citizens of Kavala with the historical sites and unique views available in the communal areas of the hotel.

Because of the distinctive personality of the monument, the main thrust of our concerns was the fine balance in the composition that would enable the new use to be integrated into it. During the course of the implementation study, however, it began to emerge that the Client had a different view of the final outcome of the project with overtly theatrical allusions to Orientalism.



Touristic, commercial and industrial company S.A.
Yannis Kizis
project team
Y. Kizis, D.Leventis, M.Vournous, N. Venianakis, M. Raftopoulou, Y.Papayannakis, Z.Sideri, M.Tsitimaki
superintendence IMARET S.A
€ 3.200.700.
George Triantafyllou