University Facilities in Historic Tanneries. Samos, Greece.




This project is the adaptive reuse of a former tanneries complex in the island of Samos into university buildings. Our proposal came together after very careful examination of the restoration of the complex, which now stands almost in ruins, after a recent earthquake. The few industrial elements that remain in site are featured in the two main halls of the proposal, underlying the industrial past of the buildings. Our aim was to introduce as much natural light as possible in the interior. For this purpose, all offices and teaching spaces were placed in the perimeter of the buildings, where the original windows are, a series of skylights were designed, and a big double-height space was designed in the entry hall. All auxiliary and service spaces were inserted in the core of the plans, designed as enclosed cylinders and cubes, and therefore leaving a free moving zone around them.

Lecture halls and a big theatre were introduced between the old walls, changing the existing heights of the building; a generous dig was proposed in the case of the theatre, in order to provide a functional performance space.

The outdoors area was redesigned to house the students’ activities around a central café, with a fountain and a semi-circular pergola as its main feature.



Y. Kizis, C. Kizis
Y. Pantazis, A. Raptis, K. Tsaroucha
Mavrakis & Partners SA
Stavros Livadas
Paris Tsernos