Underwater Archaeology Museum



International Architectural Competition 3rd Prize

The proposed design:
– restores the original Silo unit,
– enhances what remains of the industrial port landscape,
– re-uses materials and building parts as “spolia”, and introduces elements of contemporary design, yet retaining its past “identity”. 
The museum’s concept is based on the submersion from the highest level towards the ground floor where the cycle of the visit in the shop and the cafe comes to a close. The aim of the proposal is to convey the new contemporary character of the complex by recycling the material of the industrial monument. Τhe present complex is the result of extensions on the 1936 original building. The minimum operational unit consists of the first body of cellules which are preserved. In the second body of the original building minor internal interventions are proposed in order to accommodate the Museum of Underwater Antiquities with the corresponding preservation of the 1936 facades. The 1962 wing is converted from an industrial shell into an extrovert public building. The removal of the third body liberates a high area in the heart of the Museum, and opens a glazed entrance hall on the ground-floor.  Α see-through, perforated curtain-wall made of the “spolia” of the cellules saves energy.
A landscape with rough characteristics is proposed for the public surrounding area, with lateral tracings organizing open air and covered spaces.



Y. Kizis, C. Kizis, N. Belavilas, V. Trova
associate architects
K. Politi, Y. Pantazis, A. Pitsicali, C. Kola, P. Prentou
P. Karydakis
mechanical engineer
C. Zombolas
A. Andreou - Illusion 3D